Weta - Sauron 1:6 scale  statue
Waves of vicious Orcs break again and again upon the lines of Elven King Gil-galad and Elendil of...
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United Cutlery - The Horn of Gondor
The Horn of Gondor was an heirloom of the Stewards of Gondor, fashioned by Vorondil from a horn...
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WETA -  Witch-King & Frodo at Weathertop 1/6 statue
Any hope of rest is soon shattered when a Nazgûl scream pierces the air: the enemy has found...
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United Cutlery - Sword of Eowyn
Born in Edoras, Eowyn suffered the early death of her parents, and was forced to look after her...
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Weta - Hobbiton Mill and Bridge  Collectible Environment
Bright round doors in summery hues dot the lush, grassy hillsides of Hobbiton like wildflowers.
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United Cutlery - Sword of Boromir
This full-size replica of the Sword of Boromir features a solid metal guard and pommel, genuine...
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United Cutlery - Sword of the Witch-King
This evil and ancient sword is wielded by the Witch-King, leader of the nine Ringwraiths, the...
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Weta - Staff of Gandalf the Grey
Much like the Wizard himself, Gandalf the Grey’s staff is weathered and worn by long years of...
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United Cutlery  - Sting Sword of Frodo Baggins  UC1264
Sting is a sword that was given to Frodo Baggins by his cousin Bilbo, the original Ringbearer. It...
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United Cutlery - Anduril Sword of Aragorn UC1380
Anduril™ are perhaps the most famous swords in The Lord of the Rings trilogy. At the end of the...
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